Alendis Code of Conduct for Customers and Stakeholders

At Alendis, we value respect, integrity, professionalism, and adherence to the FEIF rules. These values are integral to our interactions involving our team members, shareholders, management, customers, and other stakeholders. As such, we expect all associated parties to uphold these principles.


We encourage the right to express opinions and constructive criticism. However, we are steadfast in our requirement for a minimum level of respect and compliance with our company policies for all interactions. At Alendis, we prioritize not only the quality of our services but also the quality of our relationships with our customers. We believe mutual respect is a vital aspect of these relationships.


Our commitment to a positive, respectful, and professional environment means we do not tolerate disrespectful or disparaging behavior, breaches of confidentiality or privacy, dishonest practices, defamation, or harassment. Adherence to all relevant laws, regulations, and the FEIF rules is also a non-negotiable part of engaging with our services.


All associated with Alendis share the responsibility to maintain this code and promptly report any violations. Reports should be made to the Alendis management team or at


Upon receiving a report, we will review the situation and, if necessary, have a confidential conversation with those involved. Actions, based on the severity and frequency of the violation, will be taken accordingly. This can range from a verbal warning to cessation of services.


Importantly, Alendis reserves the right to discontinue services to any individual or entity that violates this Code of Conduct. This step is taken after careful review against our company's principles and guidelines.


If any party disagrees with a decision, they have the right to present additional information. All actions taken will be documented and stored securely, maintaining transparency and providing a record for future reference.


Reykjavík, 2. apríl 2023